Re-thinking Social media

What is Social media and what makes is social ? I believe that social media, is about connecting to people, sharing with people we know and colaborating on ideas. Do we need to earn money on our social media content ? I don’t think we need to. We share information with others, because we want to reach them fast and easily by publishing written post or captured photo. What is beautifull is that our friends an people who follow us (subscribe to our content) can read/check our content when they have time.

By thinking about core principle of social media, we have content we create (Public or private) and then we have content, we want to consume (feed content). What makes social media great, is ease of content creation and content consumption. So my question is, is there any way to create these two, without need of 3th party website which handles that for us ?

Rethinking the content creation

I don’t know about you, but I think content creation which could be in form of facebook post, or twitter tweet can be done easily on your own website. Nowadays, one can buy cheap 30€ microcomputer and host their own website, making it accessible for everyone. Well and you need domain, but that is it. You don’t need much, the energy cost is negligible and with the computation power you need it is more than enough. If you don’t want to fiddle with microcomputer, you can host it on many 3th party websites which are more than happy to host it for you, for free. But what is the best, is the control you get, you decide what information you publish, what information share with only few people and no company is claiming ownership rights on your content.

What is current issue with this approach is that not everybody knows how to set it up. What if I told you that you can do it with little bit of help and following tutorial.

Consuming the content

There is a way to consume the content other publish, and there are mulptiple ways how to achieve that, but in practice, you copy the url you want to follow on, and server will pull the change which you can later read on your own site. Having feed reader on your own website, makes it that you decide how to visualy consume the content and deciding how you want to group, what algorithm you want to use and more. The core point of this, that you need to have control of the content you produce, and consume, then everything is possible and processes could be improve to suit your need and desire.

Publish once, repost everywhere else

You can publish your own content on your own website, and repost your content on other sites to be able reach peolpe on the specific platform.

Where is it then ?

Well, technically it is possible, practically somebody has to create it for you. If you are interested in this idea, please contact me. I would like to improve current situation and make web distributed again.