Re-creating reposting of images on IndieWeb like on Tumbler

TLDR; by using browser web-extension we can create option to righ click and select repost to your own site. Ideally this would create local copy of the image with linking to the source for creadits and you can create view of these pictures like on Tumblr/Pinterest.


I remember time when I would check tumblr when I get bored and reposted every nice picture I found. I didn't really blog, or post my own pictures. Today, I would call this action as some kind of curation. Picture curated by me to create collage of images in grid to look nice and nothing else. No advertisements, no need to earn money, curate just for sake of collecting and good feeling I had afterwards. I felt ownership.


After ten plus years after I abandoned my tumblr website, I create my own, and after while seeing what can be done with IndieWeb it is clear to me that I want back my pleasure feeling of reposting content. While back I was writing about bookmarking to my own website, and after couple of prototyping I can definitely say that it is not only possible but very convenient. Right clicking and reposting on any image on the internet I would like to re-post it on my own website. The difference is that once reposted I want also local copy of the image, which can be optimize for speed and I will not run into images which are not available anymore. In my opinion this is the best way to share content which is currently available but may not be in the future. I am left with only one question, how would I solve the licensing limitation of the image present. Of course citing the source and giving credit where it is due will happen but my question would be how is it possible to be able to earn money on these pictures in the future. My guess would be that it depends on the license and some tagging would need to be introduce to be able to mark pictures what is possible.

These ideas and possibilities to create what is the most optimal way to repost / archive / share content is only possible because I own the tooling and the website. This would not be possible if I would want to post content on the de facto standard social media.